Thanks for visiting Artery Store, the dress shop that pumps. You can find our ladies fashion stalls at the following markets in Brisbane every weekend of the year.

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Our stalls

Artery Store

At Artery Store we are passionate about offering garments designed to encourage freedom of the spirit, self love and individuality. Artery Store is wild at heart, unconventional, earthy and feminine and reflects our intrinsically coastal way of life. As South East Queensland’s largest ladies clothing retailer at weekend markets and music festivals, we present to our customers the very latest fashion by Australian designers encompassing an island style, bohemian essence.

We’re committed to great value and quality. Each piece of ladies clothing in our collection has been qualified and included in our edit on its own merits and because we acknowledge its synergy to our brand.



ArteryStore.com was founded in New Farm in Brisbane, in 2008, by Janet E. Leach and began life as Australia’s first, online, eco store selling furniture and homewares. The business launched at the beginning of what was to be a challenging financial time globally and Janet had to adapt her entrepreneurial vision quickly to a changed financial climate.

This process led to evolution and diversification and due to demand and opportunity Artery Store emerged in the form of what it is today; a retail, fashion business based at weekend markets in Brisbane and music festivals such as Splendour In The Grass, Woodford Folk Festival and Falls Festival.

The online component of Artery Store has long gone but throughout this journey the principles have remained the same; to present a beautiful selection of lifestyle inspired pieces from local designers that encompass imagination, raw energy and inspire our customers to love themselves and their lives even more.


The owner

Beth J. Leach, B.A. (Hum), is an entrepreneur and owner/founder of Artery Store. Her focus has always been creativity and humanitarianism and her business sees the two unite. Beth’s innate understanding of aesthetics is strengthened by her education in Design and the Arts and career as a Visual Artist, Visual Merchandiser, stylist and writer.

Well loved by her customers, social media followers and readers for her imaginative marketing and sense of humour, Beth views Artery Store as her “big art project” and lists some of its achievements so far as being included in the 50 Top Websites of The World by the Sydney Morning Herald (2009), the 24 Coolest Companies in Australia (2009) by Anthill Business Magazine and the Fab 40 Online Stores in Australia (2010) by Nett Magazine.